VersaTrans LV ATF

Kendall® VersaTrans LV ATF is a full-synthetic, low-viscosity (LV) transmission fluid approved for use in passenger car and light truck automatic transmissions that require a Ford MERCON® LV or GM DEXRON® -VI fluid. It also is recommended for use in Toyota vehicles where a Type WS fluid is specified, and in many newer import vehicles. VersaTrans LV ATF is specifically engineered to help ensure long service life and to provide consistent shift performance for the life of the fluid, as well as better shift performance under extreme operating conditions. It is highly shear stable and has excellent oxidation resistance for long fluid life. It provides excellent anti-shudder performance and has excellent low-temperature properties for easier shifting in cold weather. The low-viscosity fluid results in less frictional drag (churning loss) for improved transmission efficiency, thereby offering the potential for improved fuel economy performance.

Package: 12/1 case

Product Data Sheet


VersaTrans LV ATF is recommended for use in many newer Ford, GM and Japanese vehicles where the manufacturer recommends MERCON® LV, DEXRON® -VI, AW-1, DW-1, SP-IV, Type T-IV or Type WS fluids. It is not recommended for use in dual clutch transmissions (DCTs), belt or chain-driven continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), or older transmissions that require a higher-viscosity fluid. Please refer to the owner’s manual for correct fluid recommendation.