Shell Rotella Fully Formulated Precharged With Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) 50/50 Ready to Pour

Shell ROTELLA® FULLY FORMULATED Coolant/Antifreeze is a conventional, single-phase, ethylene glycol based heavy-duty diesel engine coolant with silicate, nitrite and molybdate. Shell ROTELLA® FULLY FORMULATED already contains the initial dose of supplemental coolant additives (SCAs) and is ready for use in initial fill, flush and fill, and top-up applications. Shell ROTELLA® FULLY FORMULATED is compatible with commercially available SCAs and meets TMC RP 329 and ASTM D6210. Use of a Shell ROTELLA® FULLY FORMULATED precharged with SCA as top-up may help reduce the number of SCA treatments required over the coolants life. Commercially available test strips or a test tool can be used with this product to determine when additional SCAs must be added. Always refer to your vehicles owners manual for exact coolant requirements.

Package: 6/1gal. case


This product meets or exceeds:

  • ASTM D 3306, D6210 and D 4985 for automotive service
  • ASTM D 6210 for heavy duty diesel service
  • TMC RP 302B, RP 329, RP 338, RP 351
  • Mack
  • Caterpillar
  • Ford ESE-M97B44-A
  • Cummins
  • GM 1825M & 1899M
  • John Deere H24B1 and H24C1
  • Waukesha 4-1947D
  • JI Case JIC501