Shell Dex-Cool Antifreeze/Coolant

Shell DEX-COOL® Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is a single-phase, ethylene glycol based, extended life, universal automotive engine coolant based on a unique extended life carboxylate inhibitor system. Shell DEX-COOL® is suitable for a five year or 150,000 mile service life in automotive applications. In heavy-duty applications not requiring nitrite Shell DEX-COOL® is suitable for a service life of 400,000 miles or 8,000 hours. Shell DEX-COOL® Prediluted 50/50 is a 50/50 volume mixture of Shell DEX-COOL® with deionized water.

Package: 6/1gal. case; 55 gal. drum


  • GM DEX-COOL® approval
  • Federal Specification A-A-870
  • General Motors GM6277M
  • General Motors GM1825M
  • Concentrate meets ASTM D 3306 incl. D 4340 and ASTM D 4985
  • Pre-dilute meets ASTM 4656
  • Ford ESE-M97B44-D1
  • General Motors GM1899M (Performance corresponding to GM6038M)
  • Chrysler MS-9769 (meets performance requirements)
  • Volkswagen/Audi G-12