Rock Drill Oil

Rock Drill Oil is an adhesive, extreme-pressure (EP) lubricant specially developed for the lubrication of air-powered tools such as rock drills, jackhammers, pavement breakers and drifters. It also is recommended for the lubrication of mining and industrial equipment operating in wet environments.

Rock Drill Oil is formulated with high-quality paraffinic base oils and a specially tailored additive package to provide excellent protection for pneumatic percussion tools. It has high load-carrying capacity to protect against wear and seizure of sliding metal surfaces under heavy or shock-load conditions. It has good adhesion to metal surfaces in the presence of moisture, and provides protection against rust and corrosion. It also has good oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures for long service life.

Grade: ISO 32-100

Package: 55 gal. drum

Product Data Sheet