Purus Straight Grade Heavy Duty Engine Oils

PURUS® Premium Heavy Duty Fleet Engine Oils combine high quality base oils with high performance additives to provide superb performance in the areas of detergency and dispersancy and protection against wear, rust, corrosion and high temperature thickening. Premium Heavy Duty Fleet Engine Oils are premium HD engine oils meeting API CF (10WT) and obsolete CF, CF-2 (30WT, 40WT) for use in both turbo-charged and naturally aspired diesel engines. They meet the requirements of 2-cycle diesel engines made before 2007. The SAE 10WT and 30WT are suitable for use in applications calling for Caterpillar TO-2 specification.

Grade: SAE 10, 30, 40

Package: 5 gal. pail; 55 gal. drum


  • CAT TO-2