Pennzoil Synthetic Multi-Vehichle ATF

Premium performance, synthetic technology fluid designed to meet the needs of multiple vehicle types for service fill in automatic transmission service. PENNZOIL® SYNTHETIC MULTI-VEHICLE ATF meets the needs of many Asian and North American designed automatic transmissions.

Package: 12/1 qt. case

Product Data Sheet


  • Ford: Mercon® V, Mercon®
  • General Motors: Dexron® IIIH
  • JASO: 1-A, 2A-02
  • Allison: C-4
  • Aisin: JWS 3309 (all applications)

For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Help Desk.

To find the right Pennzoil® product for your vehicles and equipment, please consult to look up the right motor oil recommendation using our oil selector.