Pennzoil Synchromesh Fluid

PENNZOIL® SYNCHROMESH FLUID is a synchromesh transmission fluid designed for certain manual transaxles and manual transmissions used by General Motors or Chrysler. PENNZOIL® SYNCHROMESH FLUID is formulated with high quality paraffinic base stocks, a fluidity modifier, multifunctional performance additives, corrosion inhibitors, a foam suppressor and a shear stable viscosity index improver additive. It provides excellent oxidation stability, low temperature performance, excellent synchronizer performance and compatibility with yellow metals, such as bronze, brass and copper components found in manual transaxles and transmissions. This product will satisfactorily lubricate General Motors or Chrysler manual transaxles and transmissions from -400C to +1500C.

Package: by quart

Product Data Sheet


  • Meets GM Specification 9985648
  • Suitable for use in GM manual transaxles and transmissions requiring GM Part No. 12345349 or 12345577
  • Meets Chrysler specification MS-9224
  • Suitable for use in Chrysler transaxles and transmissions requiring Part No. 04874464

PENNZOIL® SYNCHROMESH FLUID is NOT intended for all GLS applications. You must verify the manufacturer’s part number, indicated by a superscript number and found at the end of the vehicle application listing. For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Help Desk. To find the right Pennzoil® product for your vehicles and equipment, please consult to look up the right motor oil recommendation using our oil selector.