Pennzoil Mercon V ATF

PENNZOIL® MERCON® V Automatic Transmission Fluid is an excellent formulation for use in many Ford Motor Company vehicles on the road today, including the many transmissions, transaxles and power steering systems. To meet the improved level of performance over MERCON® ATF, the PENNZOIL® MERCON® V ATF formulation was designed to exhibit better low temperature flow and better shear stability. This formulation was further tested against Ford requirements for shudder protection and wear protection. The final formulation, PENNZOIL® MERCON® V ATF, provides consistently exceptional performance in many applications under varying operating conditions. PENNZOIL® MERCON® V ATF formally passes all testing and licensing requirements for Ford’s MERCON® V service fill specification and Ford’s MERCON® service fill specification. Therefore MERCON® V ATF fully meets Ford Motor Company’s warranty requirements in these applications.

Package: 12/1 qt. case

Product Data Sheet