Pennzoil Axle SAE 80W-90

PENNZOIL AXLE SAE 80W-90, combines a premium performance gear oil additive package with a high quality mineral oil base stock. The result is a gear oil that provides good low temperature fluidity for safe lubrication during cold temperature axle, differential, transmission or gearbox startup, and also maintains a thick protective oil film during extremely hot operating conditions.PENNZOIL AXLE SAE 80W-90 is formulated with all the performance additives necessary for protection of gears and bearings. It contains extreme pressure agents which protect against shock loading and wear. Foam inhibitors protect against oil aeration, which can rupture the lubricant film and cause wear due to lack of lubrication. Special rust inhibitors are incorporated into PENNZOIL AXLE SAE 80W-90 to protect against corrosion that can result from condensation or water entry. Oxidation inhibitors are included to further enhance the oil’s inherent oxidation stability, resulting in a lubricant with long service life and resistance to deposit and sludge formation during high temperature operation. Limited slip friction modifier is included for control of clutch slippage where required.

Grade: SAE 80W-90

Package: 12/1qt. case; 35# pail; 120# keg

Product Data Sheet


  • Exceeds requirements of API GL-5
  • Outstanding gear and bearing protection
  • Suitable for all limited slip applications
  • Combats rust and corrosion
  • Inhibits oil oxidation
  • Provides outstanding anti-foam protection
  • Compatible with other gear oils under a wide range of operating and storage conditions