NS-MP Hypoid Gear Lubricant

Kendall® NS-MP Hypoid Gear Lubricant is a multipurpose, API GL-5 automotive gear lubricant specifically designed for use in passenger car and truck axles with hypoid gear sets. It also is recommended for use in some heavy-duty manual transmissions in trucks and buses. NS-MP Hypoid Gear Lubricant is formulated to provide long service life and extended gear life in automotive differentials operating under varying conditions of speed, load, temperature and torque. The carefully balanced formulation is designed to minimize oxidative sludge and varnish formation, reduce wear, prevent scoring damage, and protect against metal fatigue and spalling damage under shock-load conditions.

Grade: SAE 80W90

Package: 35# pail; 120# keg

Product Data Sheet


NS-MP Hypoid Gear Lubricant meets or exceeds the requirements of:

  • API Service GL-5, MT-1
  • Meritor O76-A (SAE 85W-140), O76-D (SAE 80W-90), O76-E (SAE 75W-90)

MIL-PRF-2105E NS-MP Hypoid Gear Lubricant is registered or approved for:

  • Mack GO-J (SAE 80W-90, 85W-140)
  • MAN 342 Type M2 (SAE 75W-90, SAE 80W-90)
  • MAN 342 Type M1 (SAE 85W-140)
  • SAE J2360 (SAE 80W-90, 85W-140)