Multi-Purpose White Grease 705

PENNZOIL® MULTI-PURPOSE WHITE GREASE 705 is a lithium base grease which contains rust and corrosion inhibitors and a whitening agent which allows ready differentiation from other products and easy detection of contaminants. The off-white color makes it ideal for use in those applications where potential product spoilage may result from the use of dark grease. PENNZOIL® MULTI-PURPOSE WHITE GREASE 705 shows excellent shear stability with little change in consistency during use or storage. Because of its buttery smooth texture, it pumps well through all types of pressure systems, including centralized lubricating systems.

Package: 14oz. tube; 35# pail

Product Data Sheet


  • Cream-white color permits quick discovery of contaminants
  • Minimum change in consistency
  • Saves on inventory investment because it covers a wide range of applications
  • Good pumpability allows use through centralized systems
  • Prevents rust and corrosion