Multi-Purpose 302 EP Grease with Moly

PENNZOIL® MULTI-PURPOSE 302 EP GREASE WITH MOLY is a heavy duty, all-purpose, extreme pressure lubricant. It is blended from high viscosity index base oils with lithium 12-OH thickener. This combination offers excellent oxidation resistance and mechanical stability, both during storage and in use. It also offers good resistance to wash-off by water.

Package: 14oz. tube

Product Data Sheet


PENNZOIL® MULTI-PURPOSE 302 EP GREASE WITH MOLY is a multi-functional grease and may be used in a wide variety of applications. Automotive applications include steering and chassis suspension parts, ball joints, and wheelbearings of vehicles equipped with conventional brakes (not disc brakes).

Use Pennzoil® Premium Wheel Bearing Grease 707L to lubricate wheel bearings in vehicles equipped with disc brakes.

PENNZOIL® MULTI-PURPOSE 302 EP GREASE WITH MOLY may be used for boat trailer wheel bearings.