Food Machinery Oil

Food Machinery Oil is a premium quality, ashless, food-grade lubricant specially developed for use in hydraulic systems, rotary air compressors, lightly to moderately loaded enclosed gear drives and other machinery in food processing and beverage plants. All viscosity grades are registered by NSF International as H1 lubricants for use where incidental food contact may occur, and also as H2 lubricants for use in applications where there is no chance for incidental food contact. All viscosity grades are certified as meeting Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements for use in federally registered food plants, and also are certified Halal, Kosher and Pareve. Food Machinery Oil is manufactured with hydroprocessed base oils of the highest purity and fortified with an ashless (zinc-free) antiwear additive plus rust and oxidation inhibitors. It provides excellent wear protection, corrosion resistance and deposit control to ensure long service life for hydraulic pumps and motors and other equipment. It has good water-separating properties to minimize the formation of emulsions, and is resistant to excessive foaming. Food Machinery Oil meets the performance requirements of all major hydraulic pump manufacturers, and is recommended for use in all types of high-pressure, high-speed hydraulic pumps.

Grade: ISO 32, other by request

Package: 35# pail; other packages by request

Product Data Sheet


See Technical Data Sheet for Recommendation and Approvals.