Extended Bearing Life (EBL) Grease

Kendall® Extended Bearing Life (EBL) Grease is a semifluid, extreme-pressure polyurea grease specially developed for the lubrication of wheel bearings on non-driven truck trailer axles equipped with oil seals. It is formulated to help optimize service intervals and reduce operating costs by providing effective lubrication and cooling of wheel bearings exposed to the prolonged high operating temperatures of over-the-road applications. EBL Grease is manufactured with high-quality base oils and a non-soap, polyurea thickener. It is fortified with extreme-pressure additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors to provide excellent wear protection, protection against rust and corrosion, and long service life. It has excellent thermal stability at high temperatures and excellent pumpability at low temperatures for use over a wide range of operating temperatures. It has excellent compatibility with elastomer seals and is resistant to water washout.

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Product Data Sheet


  • Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability at high temperatures
  • Excellent pumpability at low temperatures
  • Good load-carrying capacity
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Resists water washout
  • Excellent seal compatibility
  • Formulated for extended service life