El Mar Mid Ash Supreme

Conoco® El Mar Mid Ash Supreme is a premium quality, mid-ash,dispersant-detergent gas engine oil designed for use in naturally aspirated and moderately to highly turbocharged 4-stroke cycle natural gas engines. It is particularly recommended for use in natural gas engines and dual-fuel engines burning sour gas or landfill gas. El Mar Mid Ash Supreme is formulated with field-proven performance additives to provide excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration, protect against piston scuffing and wear, and minimize the formation of sludge and piston deposits for good engine cleanliness. It has a high alkaline reserve (TBN) to protect engines operating under corrosive conditions, such as when burning sour gas, digester gas or landfill gas.

El Mar Mid Ash Supreme is designed specifically for use in Waukesha gas engines, and has extensive field experience in Waukesha VHP GL turbocharged lean-burn engines. It also is recommended for use in other 4-stroke cycle natural gas engines that require a mid-ash gas engine oil containing 1 percent (nominal) sulfated ash.

Package: 55 gal. drum

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