Duralec Super Synthetic High Performance Diesel Engine Oil

Duralec Super API CJ-4 / SN motor oil is a high performance
synthetic engine oil made for those diesel engines requiring
the use of an emissions compliant oil for the 2007 and 2010
emissions equipment such as: DPF’s, Catalytic Converters,
EGR, and SCR injection with the ultra low sulfur diesel fuels
found in North America and Europe.
Duralec Super API CJ-4 / SN motor oil has proven to offer
excellent performance to maximize component life, extend
drain intervals and improve fuel performance. Made with
high performance synthetic base stocks, Duralec Super
CJ-4 / SN has excellent high temperature break down
resistance and low temperature pumpability to minimize
cold induced startup wear. The stable additive package has
good soot dispersancy to protect against oil thickening and
abrasive wear, provides rust and corrosion protection and
helps prevent varnish and sludge formation.

Grade: 15W40

Package: 6/1 qt. case

Product Data Sheet



See product data sheet for more performance details.