Delo Trans ESI 40 (Borate)

Delo® Trans ESI® is a premium grade transmission fluid recommended for use in Heavy Duty Manual Transmissions, such as those manufactured by Eaton and Meritor.

Grade: SAE 40

Package: 120# keg; 35# pail

Product Data Sheet


Delo® Trans ESI® is recommended for use in heavy duty manual transmissions, such as those manufactured by Eaton and Meritor. Its exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, and antiwear performance promote long transmission life and optimal drain intervals.

Delo Trans ESI has undergone extensive bench and field tests which have demonstrated equivalent performance to synthetic transmission fluids in extended-drain, severe-service applications. In particular, this product underwent a grueling, 5-year, on-highway test in more than 150 Class 8 truck transmissions. The oil drain interval was greater than
500,000 miles for all units. End-of-test inspections of 32 transmissions all showed excellent results for gear, bearing, and seal protection. Delo Trans ESI has met both Eaton and Meritor critical extended-drain performance requirements of field testing and oxidation stability after 300 hours at 325°F.

This product is not recommended for use in Mack manual transmissions. For that application, the preferred product is Delo® Gear ESI®, which is Mack GO-J Plus approved, and can be used as a “one-drum” fluid in both Mack transmissions and axles. Alternatively, you can use Delo® Syn-Trans XE SAE 50 which is Mack TO-A Plus approved.