2-Cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil

PENNZOIL® 2-CYCLE AIR-COOLED ENGINE OIL is formulated with high quality Pennzoil “tough film” base stocks and an additive package designed specifically for air-cooled engines.

PENNZOIL® 2-CYCLE AIR-COOLED ENGINE OIL is recommended for air-cooled, two-cycle engines in all applications which do not specify NMMA TC-W®, TC-WII® or TC-W3®. It may be used in premix with gasoline or oil injection systems.

Grade: 2 Cycle

Package: 24/16oz case; 12/1qt. case

Product Data Sheet


  • High temperature protection
  • Protects against deposits and ring sticking
  • Ideal for air cooled two-cycle engines
  • For premix or injector systems
  • Protects bearings and pistons from wear and sculling
  • Minimizes spark plug fouling
  • Minimizes exhaust smoke
  • Prediluted for easier gasoline mixing
  • Dyed blue for case of identification
  • Prevents port plugging